Savoury Ingredients

At MOGUNTIA Food Ingredients UK, we pride ourselves in our ability to create quality savoury blends for all food manufacturing sectors. We have developed a variety of bespoke pie, pudding, pasty and pastry seasonings for all the traditional products such as sausage rolls, slices, pasties, steak and kidney pie and puddings, as well as some of the more on trend seasonings and sauces such as Katsu pasty mix as well a wide selection of vegetarian options.


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Product Development…

As well as offering an extensive range of classic, gourmet and on trend pie, pudding, pasty and pastry ingredients, we are on hand to create bespoke recipes for specific customer briefs.

Artisan Bread Products…

In addition to a comprehensive selection of seasonings, sprinkles and toppings, our speciality is creating differentiated niche products enabling our customer to set themselves apart from the competition.