Coatings & Coating Systems

Whether it’s a pre-dust for fish, a flavoursome breading for poultry, a colourful coater for meat, or a seasoned batter for vegetables, our innovation and development teams can create a unique authentic flavour profile and functional blend specific to your requirements. Our understanding and appreciation of both flash fried and non fried processes enables us to respond effectively to every customer brief. Whether that’s satisfying a need for a healthier, reduced fat option or developing an indulgent batter or coating, we guarantee that neither flavour, texture or taste are ever compromised.

Our coatings and coating systems can be manufactured in batches from 200kg to 1000kg, and can be packed off in a range of weights from 30g sachets to 25kg sacks, all specific to your individual requirements.


    Gluten Controlled products are also available and are manufactured within a segregated area.