Functional Ingredients

We offer an extensive range of technology based solutions within our functional ingredients portfolio. In addition to functional Brines, Starch Systems, Baking Powders, Starter Cultures, Curing Blends, Tenderisers, Stabilisation & Emulsification Systems and Salt and Sugar Reduction, in conjunction with AROTOP our sister company, we have the expertise and capability to advise on specific microbiological ingredient solutions such as shelf life extension, pathogen inhibition and oxidation.

These technologies offer our customers a competitive advantage through cost effective, value added ingredients.


We offer a range of bespoke solutions dependent upon substrate, our customer’s application and cooking method.

Salt & Sugar Reduction

In line with consumer insights and market intelligence, we are offering our customers a range of salt and sugar reduction technologies.  They have been developed without compromising taste and functionality.

Baking Powder & Dough Relaxers

A specialist range including double action and low sodium options.

Succulence and Yield…

A portfolio of versatile ingredients that can be used to enhance succulence and increase yield in a range of many substrates.  Application can be via tumbling, injection or as a dry blend.

Starter Cultures…

Our portfolio has grown significantly as a reflection in the growth of artisan fermented meats and sausages.


From shelf-life extension to pathogen inhibition to anti-oxidants, we can provide solutions for many end user markets.