Whether it’s a dry marinade, rub, or an ambient stable oil based liquid marinade that you require, we can develop a bespoke recipe for your specific requirements. From tandoori and teriyaki to chinese style and bourbon bbq, we can develop them all as well as more creative recipes inspired by herb and spice blends and fusions from east to west.

We deliver performance through our appreciation and understanding of marination technology. Our knowledge and expertise straddles all industries and applications from meat to fish to vegetables.


Our flexible liquid batch sizes range from 350kg to 1000kKg, and can be packed off into 10kg, 15kg or 25kg pails, or even 1000kg returnable pallecons. If you’d prefer something smaller then we can offer 2.5kg containers, or perhaps a 50g to 120g sachet would suit better.


Our dry powder blends can be manufactured in batches from 100kg to 1000kg, and can be packed off in a range of weights from 200g sachets to 25kg sacks, all specific to your individual requirements.