In addition to a wide range of library recipes, we develop and manufacture bespoke liquid sauces specific to your required flavour profile. From traditional favourites like hickory bbq, honey and mustard, sweet chilli, and hoisin to more extravagant flavours like cherry bourbon or craft apple and cider, all can be created with your specific customer in mind.


Our flexible liquid batch sizes range from 350kg to 1000kg, and can be packed off into 10kg, 15kg or 25kg pails, or even 1000kg returnable pallecons. If you’d prefer something smaller then we can offer 2.5kg jerry cans, or perhaps a 50g to 120g sachet formats.


We can of course also develop bespoke dry powder sauce mixes which can be made in batch sizes of 100kg to 1000kg, and packed into sachets from 200g to 25kg sacks.